Nighttime and Weekend Calls At No Additional Charge*

Nighttime and Weekend Calls At No Additional Charge*

Oh no!  Our heating system is not working!!!

Geez, it’s so hot in here, what has happened to the Air Conditioner?

Woops, the freezer has failed and the steaks are spoiling!

It always seems to happen at an inconvenient time.

That’s why A1 Climate Control does not charge extra to make a service call after hours.

Air conditioning systems are complicated machines with many moving parts, there are many thing that can go wrong: Blown fuses, failed run capacitors, worn fan motor bearings, burned out control boards, haywire thermostats, leaking access valves, dirty coils, coil leaks, leaking ducts, defrost timers, bad breakers, clogged condensate lines and the dreaded compressor failure.

Our expert repair technicians can handle a wide variety of issues to get your home or business comfortable again.

* Normal nighttime and weekend calls are at no additional charge.  Holiday calls will incur an additional charge.